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Keith Wann

Here's Keith's bio!
Everything you didn't want to know and should be afraid to ask!

The year 1969 brings a lot of wonderful memories back
for many people...Woodstock, Summer of Love, Man on
the Moon, and the arrival of Keith Wann. 
From day one his mother was trying to find the receipt
so she could take him back  to the CODAland store and
trade him in for a more mellow baby.
Born with energy and a knack for getting in trouble,
Keith learned about facial grammar when in the 4th
grade he had to interpret for his mom.  The teacher
was upset at the constant interruptions and laughter
from the classroom and said, "Your son is the class
clown!"  Keith signed to his mom, "Teacher says me
good boy always!"  Keith's mom looked at the frowning
teacher and back at the smiling young evil child and
finished the meeting with pen and paper. 
Keith was fired from his first interpreting job.
Not discouraged, Keith tried interpreting again when
he was an adult and his first consumer was Juggy
Jordan in 1992.  Keith didn't understand a word Juggy
signed so he made some stuff up and swore at the boss
and as a result Juggy was fired from his job.  Still
the two became good friends and started playing
softball together.  The first year Juggy got the MVP
trophy and Keith got a coffee cup for runner-up MVP.
Juggy wanted to apply for another job so he encouraged
Keith to become a real interpreter and Keith, with his
coffee cup, became RID CI CT certified. Since then he
has travled all over California, up to Alaska, out to
Bermuda, and over to Germany as a Sign Language
interpreter. (Although some say to escape from Juggy.)
While on these journeys in 1993 Keith met Wormy at a
Deaf Camp, and the two became the worst counselors in
history.  Instead of watching the kids Keith and Wormy
sat around in their underwear, smoking cigars, and
playing strip-poker with the Camp nurse.  The second
year Juggy joined the camp and the three were seen
selling off the kids' camping gear and clothes to raise
money so they could go the local strip-bar at nights.
Then the three went their separate ways...
But that was not the end.  Remembering how much fun he
had as the 'class clown' Keith started to join Deaf
Comedy groups and has been in a few performances in
Alaska and recently joined the Dream Team of ICEWORM in Sacramento
where he met Crom and rejoined with Wormy and Juggy.
Crom and Keith bonded like lost brothers and Crom has
been known to sign, "'s like I have known
you since 1992." Keith and Crom were last seen


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Heeeeeeeeeere's Keith!

Keith trying to spell his name, but spelling CODA instead.

Keith during his very brief and failed career as a tuxedo model.

Keith doesn't get out much.