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Keith Wann

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Keith Wann. Interpreter, actor, and athlete. He was born with extraordinary expressions, his incredible energy, and warped sense of humor, all results of being a as CODA. He is one of the three ICEWORM players, presenting characters such as Flashio, Snafu, and EvilChild. He is also a part of the Whose Sign Is It Anyway? Dream Team, and is an active part of the planning, hosting, and performing of ICEWORM shows that feature coda, deaf, and hearing perspectives and also lots of physical and visual humor.

Keith is known to the nation as an acclaimed ASL performing artist, and has traveled all over the nation performing for ASL students, various Deaf communities, CODAs, and others.

He performs primarily with ICEWORM and in his one man show, "When Two Worlds Collide!", a collection of hilarious stories about growing up CODA.

When Keith is not performing, he takes advantage of his dually certified interpreter status to work in front of a VRS computer screen intepreting for the nation or voicing for other great Deaf comedians like Peter Cook, Manny Hernandez, and CJ Jones.  

He also plays softball, being the first coda  to legally play in a national deaf softball tournament. Travel is also something Keith Wann enjoys, having been and lived in places like Germany and Alaska


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